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oceanic pollutants

Oceanic Pollutants was  my final fourth year project at University. I was inspired by my love of the sea, it is the life blood of planet earth and needs to be protected. I wanted to try to push my practice but also create pieces that raise awareness of the serious issues that currently effect our oceans. I created three different collections, each focussing on a particular type of oceanic pollutant.

The first - Toxic Pollution. Everyday humans pump chemical, radioactive and and sewage matter into our oceans. I created three drop out vessels slumped over naturally beautiful stones to represent the effect toxic pollution is having on our beaches and our lands. 

The second - Oil Pollution. I focussed on the three largest spills which have happened in the last few decades. The BP Deepwater Horizon spill off the Gulf of Mexico, the Shell spill in 2008 which occurred in the beautiful Niger Delta and the Kuwait Oil fires in 1991. All of these caused devastating effects to our environment. I created colour pooled glass inspired by the dramatic colour effects of oil spills at sea and then used a drop out technique to make each vessel the exact satellite trajectory of each spill.


My final pollutant was plastic. The Biggest and most dangerous of the lot. We have a garbage path the size of Texas floating in our oceans, plastic particles poison not only oceanic wildlife but us too. I created a glass cast with a cavity in the middle  cavity in the middle which represented the space in which plastic takes up in our oceans but also contrasting the stunning clarity of glass/sea with the dirty plastic we put in it. 

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